Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UEFA's Misleading TV Coverage and Part 3 of Why Platini should not be FIFA President

At a time when there has been a increasingly loud call for transparency in FIFA, it should come as no surprise that Michel Platini, considered by many the most likely candidate to become the next FIFA President, has been shown to currently be leading an organisation that tries to obscure reality.

A story doing the rounds today notes that UEFA's TV coverage of Euro 2012 contained pre-recorded footage interspersed with live footage in an attempt to manipulate the emotions of viewers.

Footage of a German female fan crying during her team's national anthem was broadcast at a time that made it look like she was crying as the result of Germany falling behind to Italy in the semi-final.

In addition, German coach Joachim Loew's playful interaction with a ballboy that actually occured before the match against the Netherlands, was broadcast in a way that suggested it occurred during the actual game. UEFA's coverage therefore prsented a false view of Loew's demeanour during the match.

Understandably, the world's broadcast companies are not happy that UEFA presented coverage that was misleading.

It has also emerged that UEFA likes to sanitise its coverage to prevent viewers from seeing anything that could reflect negatively on UEFA, such as empty seats, streakers or protest banners. Is there anything wrong with showing reality? Is the truth really not dramatic enough? Is there anything UEFA/Platini will not do to mislead the public if they think it will help their own standing?

So much for transparency. Is there any reason to believe that Platini would lead a fair, transparent and accountable FIFA should he become the next FIFA President? Don't hold your breath!

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